Little Richard
The Specialty sessions 1:
Wop Bop A Loo Bop A Lop Bam Boom

Ace Records ABOXCD 1-1

Rock'n'roll, rhythm & blues and boogie woogie performances (16):

1. Baby
2. All Night Long
4. Lonesome And Blue
5. Lonesome And Blue
6. Lonesome And Blue
9. All Night Long
10. All Night Long
11. Kansas City
12. Kansas City
15. Directly From My Heart
16. Directly From My Heart
17. Baby
18. I'm Just A Lonely Guy (All Alone)
19. I'm Just A Lonely Guy (All Alone)
20. Tutti Frutti
21. Tutti Frutti

(P) Specialty Records, Inc
This compilation (P) 1989 Ace Records Ltd
© 1989 Ace Records Ltd

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